Sunday brunch has become something of a ritual at our place, and today was the usual combination of food, wine, laughter, and language barriers. 

My roommate is such an excellent cook that there is no point in even volunteering to make something as your skills will pale in comparison, so I offered clean up duty and ate far more than I should have.

On Sarah’s scrumptious menu today:

- Potato carbonara hash with pancetta and onion
- Made-from-scratch banana pancakes with a maple butter sauce 
- Cheesy frittata stuffed with asparagus and spinach
- Lots and lots of chocolate (due to the generosity of others, we have far too much in the apartment and were trying to get rid of it)

Everyone showed up with plenty of beverages and it was a delicious day all around. By the time we had stuffed ourselves full, there was still a surplus of pancake batter, which Sarah turned into a caramelized banana upside down cake. Which was of course devoured. Buon appetito!